Catalyst Trusteeship Limited Guidance Webinar on “Distributed Ledger Technology (‘DLT’) Part 2 – A SEBI Initiative and a process of creation and monitoring of security”
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Further, Catalyst has developed a system where Debenture Holders, Intermediaries and general public can view the information on real-time basis.
Notes: The report/status of payment can be searched/viewed in multiple ways based on parameter selected as explained:

  • By Company name – Click on ‘Search by Company Name’. Type the company name or select a company name from the dropdown (enter first 3 letters of a company name to load the dropdown). Other parameters may be left blank. All the repayment schedules for the selected company would be displayed.
  • By ISIN - Click on ‘Search by ISIN’. Start typing the ISIN. As the typing goes on, it would display ISINs with that combination. You can select the particular ISIN from dropdown or complete the typing. The Repayment Schedule details for the selected ISIN would be displayed.
  • Combination of Company Name & period span: Type the company name as explained at Sr1. Then pick the ‘From Due Date’ and ‘To Due date’ using the date picker. The Repayment Schedule details for the selected Period Span would be displayed.

In all the above cases, at the end click the search button to get the desired result.

Enter first 3 letters of a company name to load the dropdown

Enter first 3 numbers of a ISIN to load the dropdwon