Gift City – Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, is a special economic zone and a designated financial district located in Gujarat, India. It operates under a special separate regulatory framework, known as the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) regime. This framework provides various incentives and relaxations, such as tax benefits, simplified regulations, and ease of doing business, to attract financial institutions and promote international trade and investment. GIFT City recently has been an appealing destination for family offices in India.

Going by our hands-on experience in the trusteeship industry and being an integral part of this ecosystem, we inaugurated our office in the Year 2021 in GIFT City, we are the first Debenture Trustee to gain a license & operating certificate from IFSCA.

To accommodate the expectations of the investors and regulators, we have set up a dedicated team inclusive of domain expertise professionals, and legal experts stationed at our branch office to serve, support, and provide solutions. We have our custom-built in-house ERP software, Trustee 2.0 for keeping track of the transaction and getting notifications/ updates on the same.

Under the Gift City IFSC framework, financial activities such as banking, asset management, capital markets, setting up of Family offices and other financial services can be conducted in a regulated and secure environment. We provide Trusteeship inclusive of but not restricted to the following- Alternative Investment Funds, External Commercial Borrowings, Facility Agents, Trustee to FIF and Corporate Services Provider.